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Request Management

Submit, track and update requests in Windows Azure Pack

Request Management in Windows Azure Pack

Windows Azure Pack delivers Microsoft Cloud technologies and capabilities to your data center and includes both a unified cloud platform framework and federated authentication. Add business processes, custom services and customer support by integrating Microsoft System Center Service Manager™ with Windows Azure Pack using Request Management for Windows Azure Pack.


Let your users submit requests in seconds using intuitive wizards. Users can request services, log incidents and track progress. Their requests are then processed by System Center Service Manager.

Service Catalog

The integrated service catalog is the way for users to request pre-defined resources and services. It contains enhanced wizard experience, icons, description, fields, price and automation workflows.

Resource Management

Allows users to view and manage native resources as well as custom CMDB resources in a single-pane view. Action buttons can be added to perform tasks or log an issue on the managed resource.


Using request templates in System Center Service Manager, complex workflows can be authored, driving automation to its limit. Both Orchestrator runbooks and SMA runbooks can be integrated.

Human Interaction

Real-life workflows are not all about automation – sometimes a person needs to interact with the process, for example, where an approval is required or manual labour is needed.

Platform Integration

Our integration allows us to take advantage of platform-identity federation capabilities. We also feed the usage provider by allowing consumption-based billing on Request Management.

Take a tour

It’s always better to see it for yourself. Take a few minutes of your time to watch the Request Management introductory video. If you want to dig even deeper, check out the featured videos.

  • Introduction

    This is the video to start with if you are viewing Request Management for Windows Azure Pack for the very first time.

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  • Service Catalog

    Learn the fundamentals of creating your service catalog, including tips on building user-friendly wizards and external integrations.

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  • Resource Management

    Learn how to extend the management of your CMDB resources using runbook and request actions defined by an administrator.

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“With Gridpro Request Management for Windows Azure Pack, we’ve reduced a two-week server-build process to one day or less… Our staff is no longer involved in low-level tasks.”

Nikolaus Rotzinger
IT Department, City of Henderson

Get Started

Downloaded the express version of Request Management for Windows Azure Pack? Connecting to System Center Service Manager for the first time? Want to know how to begin? This is the video for you.

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