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Boost Microsoft Azure Stack with request automation capabilities

Take control of your workloads in Microsoft Azure Stack

When organizations transition to the cloud, keeping business standards, cost control, and release processes is essential for IT to be able to provide innovation without compromising reliability.

Marketplace Integration

Design dynamic wizards that collect information from users to enable precise provisioning control.

Workflows & Approvals

Provision workloads and initiate activities based on business aligned decisions provided in the wizard.


Framework extending the platform with integrations that assist you with business compliance.

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Integration with market-leading IT Service Management tools

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Interested in learning more about EvOps? Check out these videos.

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    Bring the agility and innovation of cloud computing to your on-premises environment in Azure Stack Marketplace with EvOps.

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    This video gives you an overview of the fundamentals if you are seeing EvOps for Azure Stack for the very first time.

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    Marketplace Integration

    Learn how to create Marketplace items that are highly customizable with dynamic wizards and workflow support.

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“Customers are now able to publish custom offerings with approvals in Microsoft Azure Marketplace, enabling highly customizable wizards and workflows.
We see that this is a common customer need, and we’re pleased to see Gridpro deliver this.”

Natalia Mackevicius
Director, Azure Stack, Microsoft Corporation

Get Started

Ready to get started with EvOps? Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial.

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