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EvOps (Preview)

Boost Azure Stack with Request Management capabilities

Marketplace Service Catalog for Microsoft Azure Stack

As organizations transition to more bimodal IT, where both predictability and exploration must be applied, being able to provide customizable service catalog with ITSM integration is essential for success.

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Service Catalog

Marketplace-integrated service catalog that enables you to offer custom services and apply your business rules and logic seamlessly in Microsoft Azure Stack. Build user-friendly wizards and define workflows containing approvals, automation and third-party extensions using our intuitive interface.

Customer Support

Streamlined support ticketing and self-service capabilities built into Microsoft Azure Stack with optional integration with your existing IT Service Management tool. Offer your users the ability to submit and track their requests and interact with agents directly in the platform or by email ticketing.

Event Workflows

Powerful workflow engine tightly integrated in the Microsoft Azure Stack platform that can be connected to a rich set of external systems. Define event rules that can automate responses based on identified events in your organization, such as sending notifications and raising tickets on alerts.

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Integration with market-leading IT Service Management tools – More will be added continuously

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Interested in learning more about Microsoft Azure Stack and what we deliver to it? Check out these videos.

  • EvOps Preview Demo

    Get a first preview of the power of Gridpro EvOps for Azure Stack. The video shows how to offer custom services in the Marketplace and then support the services, all inside Microsoft Azure Stack portal.

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  • Azure Stack Agile Service Delivery

    Microsoft Azure Stack provides the same cloud service delivery model as Microsoft Azure. At 15:24 into this session Patrik Sundqvist, Gridpro CTO, shows a preview of EvOps for Azure Stack.

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  • Azure Services On-Premises

    Join Bradley Bartz, Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft Azure Stack, and Matt McSpirit, Evangelist, as they discuss what it means to bring Azure Services on-premises with Azure Stack.

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“Gridpro EvOps enables organizations to retain an enterprise grade level of standardization and customer support by integrating seamlessly into the Microsoft Azure Stack platform.”

Jonas Ullman
CEO, Gridpro

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