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June 28, 2018

EvOps app launched by Gridpro

Gridpro Enhances Workload Control in Microsoft Azure Stack with EvOps

Bridging the gap between business standards and platform capabilities in the hybrid cloud

STOCKHOLM – June 28, 2018

Gridpro is pleased to announce the availability of EvOps for Microsoft Azure Stack. EvOps helps datacenters that want to get control of their workloads in Azure Stack by avoiding service downtime and unexpected costs, enabling custom services with approvals in Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

“Cloud platform flexibility is awesome, but it can sometime be hard to enforce business standardizations when provisioning and managing workloads,” said Jonas Ullman, CEO, Gridpro. “This is what we are adding to Microsoft Azure Stack with EvOps, keeping business standards without compromising flexibility.”

EvOps is seamlessly integrated with Azure Stack and delivers Azure Marketplace integration with custom offerings, workflows, and approvals. Customers benefit from the solution in the following key areas:

  • Standardization – Provision and manage workloads with business standardization governance.
  • Cost control – Prevent expensive workloads from being provisioned due to lack of business guidance.
  • Predefined processes – Avoid unexpected service downtime with predefined change and release processes.

“Customers are now able to publish custom offerings with approvals in Microsoft Azure Marketplace, enabling highly customizable wizards and workflows,” said Natalia Mackevicius, Director, Azure Stack, Microsoft Corp. “We see that this is a common customer need, and we’re pleased to see Gridpro deliver this.”

About Gridpro
Gridpro helps organizations take control of how workloads are provisioned and managed in Microsoft clouds, by enforcing business control and standardization. Our mission is to deliver this functionality through turnkey products. By turnkey we mean simplicity: You should feel comfortable and secure knowing that you can set up the products yourself.

If you are interested in viewing additional information on Gridpro and EvOps, please visit

Press Contact:
Erica Eriksson
+46 (0) 8 533 343 60

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